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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common Questions


We try to answer your basic questions here, if you need additional information about our services or practice, feel free to contact us via any contact channel.
Our reception staff will get in touch with you to answer your specific questions there and be able to resolve your queries.

Unfortunately, from time-to-time doctors run late. Sometimes patients may under-estimate the significance of their problem or how much time is required to see their doctor and these appointments can run over time.

We may have to see emergencies and must prioritise urgent/life threatening cases.

Please arrive for your appointments on time as late arrivals also contribute to doctors running behind schedule.

Wherever possible, our receptionists will advise you when you arrive if your doctor is running behind.

Please note that referrals cannot be backdated as this is illegal.

We do not routinely give results over the telephone. Our receptionists are unable to access patient results due to privacy requirements. Your doctor should explain to you how you can access your results:

  • In many cases, your doctor will ask you to make a follow-up appointment to discuss your results.
  • In some cases your doctor may explain at the time of your consultation that if you don’t hear back from us it’s because your results are “normal”.
  • We will re-call you by letter or phone if your results require a non-urgent review with your doctor.
  • In the case of urgent results, we will contact you directly to make a follow-up appointment.
  • Some results cannot be given over the phone under any circumstances (e.g. HIV, Hepatitis C) and in such cases all patients will be asked to make a follow-up appointment.

Our Testimonials


Best way to evaluate our services are to hear from the happy patients that we have cured over the years.

  • 98% of patients would recommend this practice, based on 127 reviews within the last 12 months
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    • Health Engine @healthengine
  • Dr Steffensen is very good and very thorough
    Scott Martin
    • Scott Martin